As the winter months hit hard across much of the US, many homeowners may have begun to notice damage to their roofs caused by the inclement weather. You’ll want to nip these problems in the bud to protect your property and your loved ones. While assessing the damage, one question you’ll find yourself asking is, “Can I repair my roof, or do I need to replace it?” it is important to make the right choice so that your home stays safe for years to come. To answer this, we dive into the pros and cons of both roof repair and roof replacement.

Spotting Roof Damage

Due to the inevitable breakdown of materials, every roof is limited to a certain lifespan. For example, cedar shake roofs need total replacement after 25 years, but tile can last as long as 50!

Take a look around your home for signs that your roof needs some TLC, including cracks, leakage, and light seeping into attic spaces.

Comparing Costs

One of the biggest obstacles to completing projects around the home is balancing the budget. You’ll want to choose an affordable undertaking that will solve your roofing problems for as long as possible.

To be sure, an estimated roof repair cost is usually lower than that of a total roof replacement. Cost in total, however, should be considered cumulatively. Consider it like this: minor repairs can range anywhere from $150 to $1,500. A full roof replacement can vary widely in the final total, depending on materials used, manpower utilized, and overall quality of craftsmanship.

Regardless, if you continue to put money into minor repairs every month, you’ll eventually end up spending more than it would have cost you to replace your roof in the first place.

Repair vs. Replace

While it’s important to know the costs and what repairing a roof can entail, it’s important to know when it’s time to replace your roof fully. We’ll discuss the difference between when you need to fully change out your roof and when you can safely and effectively fix it up.

Leaks that occur due to loose flashings, or a particular section of your roof that is in poor condition, are likely able to be fixed without replacing the whole roof. The answer to this particular problem usually lies in the source of the leak and the extent of the damage caused before it was caught.

A full roof failure, or collapse, on the other hand, is a much more pervasive problem. In this case, you will require a brand-new roof.

Bring in Professionals

Making the call between repair and replacement is a case-by-case conversation. You need to make the right decision the first time in order to keep your home safe and clean. Scheduling a roof inspection with a knowledgeable professional could prevent you from putting thousands of dollars down the drain.

If you notice damage to your roof, call 3H Roofing Services. As a family-owned business, we make it our mission to provide quality service that lasts. Contact us today for a free roof inspection that gets your home back on track to looking the way it was.